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Find a Realtor®

• New Buyer Intake call.
• Buyer Consultation with Team.
• Discuss House Criteria.
• Sign up on website.
• DocuSign Buyer Rep and disclosure forms.

Find a Lender

• Talk to a Lender. 
• Lender gives Buyer the pre-approval letter. 
• Lender receives all of the Buyer's financial documents. 
• Lender sends documents to Processor. 
• Lender sends documents to Underwriter.
• Lender gives Buyer the Golden Ticket to start scheduling showings. 


• Schedule 1-3 showing at a time.
• Buyer discusses offer details with Team.
• Buyer signs contract docs via DocuSign.

Submitting Offers

• Team submits the Buyer's offer to the Listing Agent.
• Offer is negotiated between agents. 
• Offer is accepted or denied. 
  • If offer is accepted, we "go under contract." 
  • If offer is denied, we look at more houses. 

Offer is Accepted

• Buyer gets Option and Earnest money to Title company by the end of the 3rd day. 
• Team helps to schedule an inspection within a couple of days. 
• Inspector inspects the house solo for a few hours. 
• Inspector meets with Buyer for an inspection walkthrough and explains their findings. 
• If applicable, agents negotiate amendments to the contract, based on the inspection (before the end of the Option period). 

Option Period Ends

• Anything negotiated during Option period gets addressed before closing. 
• Buyer chooses their Home Warranty. 
• Buyer decides on Home Insurance. 
• Appraisal is ordered through Lender. 
• Buyer gets all updated loan documents to Lender. 
• Buyer gets all necessary documents to Title. 
• Lender sends documents to Closer to approve the loan file. 


• Buyer receives Initial CD (Closing Disclosure) from Lender. 
• Buyer receives Final CD (Closing Disclosure) from Lender 24 hours prior to closing. 
• Buyer has a quick, 15-minute final Walkthrough the day before closing. 
• Buyer initiates wire transfer to be sent to Title the day before closing or picks up a cashier's check from the bank and brings it to the closing appointment at Title.


• Buyer signs all the docs at Title and gets the keys from Title.
• Buyer receives funding email from Title by the end of the day.


• Post review for Harpeth Realty Online.
• Fill out client experience survey.
• Enjoy your new home!

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