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Meet Barrett


Barrett Raven

Founder | Realtor®

Alex & Ganna
Richard & Kelsey
Zack & Zania
What My Clients Say

Buying a house in Austin (especially in 2020) is a roller coaster of emotions and it cannot be overstated how important it is to have the right team by your side through the home-buying process. Michael, Lydia, and Leah were super communicative and answered all of our questions in a timely manner while Barrett provided the dose of positivity we needed in order to not go crazy in this market. We have now ...

— Alex & Ganna

What My Clients Say

We loved working with Barrett and his team! They kept us informed, helped us with big decisions, and encouraged us throughout the crazy house-buying process. We are so thankful to have had their wisdom and support every step of the way!

— Richard & Kelsey

What My Clients Say

Working with Barrett and his team was an amazing experience! We have worked with many Realtors® in the past and they are by far the best team we have worked with. They were great at communicating everything (which was very important to us), but they are also extremely friendly and helpful. Cannot recommend them enough!

— Zack & Zania

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